We had a great experience and really appreciated all of his hard work on this difficult transaction!







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Brian L. / Buyer of Large Apartment Complex in Carpinteria, CA

Even though my husband and I have bought and sold properties on our own, we were faced with selling an unusual commercial property.  We knew Andy Adler was the right agent to complete the sale.  And we were right. He worked very hard and had a good understanding of what needed to be done. He also helped us complete a 1031 exchange and led us through the steps to completion. We will certainly recommend Andy to our friends.









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Craig G. / Seller of Isla Vista Commercial Development Property

He is a good man and he’s helped a lot and he works hard to do the best for his clients to be happy







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Nadim M. / Buyer of Santa Barbara Downtown Liquor Store and Market

“I only agreed to the sale of this property due to Andy Adler and his counsel. Andy really cares about your wants and needs and services your agenda. I would not have entered into this deal if anyone but Andy had contacted me.

Andy will be involved in all of my future real estate transactions for as long as he will work with me. He is tremendous.

Andy approached me on behalf of the buyer. He sold me on the idea and fought to get me what I needed to move on from this business. He opened up several exciting opportunities for me and my family.”


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Brent H. / Seller of a Large RV Park by Sequoia Nat’l Park

“Coming Soon”

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