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THE FORMAL APPRAISAL WE ORDER FOR YOU will take into account market trends, comparable sales, and current listing activity. You can be confident that your home is priced effectively and you won’t be giving your savings away by listing too low and you won’t be scaring off potential buyers by listing too high, thereby losing valuable marketing time!

ONCE THE APPRAISAL IS COMPLETE, I’d like to physically show you these comparable homes so we can see what the competition looks like and, together, we can see how your house fits into today’s market.

THIS EFFECTIVE STRATEGY for pricing will lead to a successful sale in the least amount of time, with the fewest problems, and for the most amount of money!

THE PROCESS of performing a certified appraisal includes three approaches to value:

Comparable approach: Evaluates recent sales and current active listings of comparable properties.
Income approach: Evaluates value based on the property’s ability to generate income.
Replacement approach: Helps determine value by calculating the cost to replicate your home.

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