Eastside, Santa Barbara, CA

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Homes for Sale in Eastside are nestled between downtown and the Riviera. This diverse and vibrant community enjoys great food, local businesses, friendly neighborhoods and some of the best real estate opportunities in Santa Barbara.  The Eastside possesses the highest walkability score. The beach is nearby as are several schools and the amenities of downtown Santa Barbara, too. Milpas street is the lifeblood of the Eastside, featuring both new and established eateries and businesses and, with a strong community backing, continues to develop and improve.

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Many consider the Eastside to be a cultural hub for Santa Barbara due to its diversity, history and community driven events. To learn more about the Eastside community and the real estate opportunities available to you, call or email Andy Adler. Andy has more than 25 years of insider expertise that can be a great advantage for choosing exactly the right home for you, here or elsewhere in the greater Santa Barbara area.


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