Homes for Sale in Goleta North

Homes for Sale in Goleta North: Great things are happening in Goleta! The northern portion of Goleta is a vibrant, spacious community nestled between highway 101 and the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains. Open spaces, sprawling orchards and fertile ranches flow down from the foothills and toward well kept neighborhoods and the shopping centers of Goleta. Abundant

Homes for Sale in Goleta South

Homes for Sale in Goleta South: There are many wonderful reasons Goleta deserves its nickname “the Good Land.” From its early days as a renowned producer of lemons and avocados to its modern standing as the home of high-tech industries, Goleta is a place of growth and community. The southern area of Goleta enjoys an amazing

Homes for Sale in Butterfly Beach

Homes for sale in Butterfly Beach enjoy a unique perspective of Santa Barbara’s city lights and harbor which is always enchanting. Universally adored for its golden sand and beautiful boardwalk in front of the glamorous and historic Biltmore Four Seasons Resort, Butterfly Beach is a Montecito treasure. The exclusivity of the properties here are due to